Building Creative Career Pathways for Youth

Building Creative Career Pathways for Youth analyzes opportunities for youth in 70 creative occupations in the creative industries as well as programs designed to help youth access those jobs. This field scan found that Arts Education programs are nearly ubiquitous in the County, although not necessarily high quality nor equitably accessible to all residents. Career Exploration and Career and College Readiness programs are less common but they serve an important function in helping youth—particularly those facing barriers to employment—learn about creative occupations and how to successfully pursue those opportunities. Work-Based Learning programs play a critical role in creative career pathways, and there are numerous opportunities for youth interested in almost any sector of the creative economy.

The report concludes by offering 23 recommendations to remove barriers and improve access to creative careers for LA County youth, especially those youth of color, youth who are LGBTQ, disabled, current and former foster youth, youth on probation or from low income households, as well as others who experience barriers to participation in the workforce.

Executive Summary

A summary of key findings from Building Creative Career Pathways for Youth: A Field Scan for Los Angeles County.

A Field Scan for LA County

This report summarizes what we know about career opportunities in the creative industries and existing pathways to those occupations for youth who experience barriers to employment.