Arts and Culture Digital Resource Center

(Above) "Inner Resources" by Paul Botello at City Terrace Park.

The Department of Arts and Culture's mission is to advance arts, culture and creativity throughout Los Angeles County. A cornerstone to our civic life, the arts enhance everything from how we learn to how we heal to how we make sense of the world. As the way we gather and experience the arts have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Arts and Culture has responded by developing digital resources for organizations and artists looking for guidance about reopening; individuals looking to experience arts and culture while remaining safer at home; and students, educators, and parents looking for online arts learning activities.

We will continue to update these pages and post to social media as more resources become available, so make sure to check in often! @LACountyArts

Resource Pages

Reopening Arts & Culture Safely

Guidance for the arts community to reopen safely.

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For Organizations & Artists

A robust list of resources for arts organizations and artists from local, state, and federal agencies; foundations; and more.

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Virtual Art Experiences

A short list of arts and culture to explore you while you stay safer at home.

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For Students, Parents, and Educators

Digital arts education and resources to create at home from local and national arts education hubs.

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Free Digital Backgrounds

A collection of LA County Civic Artworks that have been sized for use as video conference backgrounds and wallpapers.

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