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Prospective applicants are encouraged to view the above video for a general overview and more information about the program.

In 2000, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Arts Internship Program, which provides internships for nonprofit performing, presenting, film, media, literary, and municipal arts organizations as a companion program to the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Program, which provides internships to museums and visual arts organizations. The purpose of the County’s program is to provide undergraduate students with meaningful on-the-job training and experience working in nonprofit arts organizations.

Positions for the 2022 Arts Internship program are now live. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, interns will be able to work from June 1, 2022 - March 1, 2023 depending on the needs of the organization. Every organization sets its own start & end dates, hours worked per week as well as on-site versus remote work parameters, so prospective interns are strongly encouraged to inquire about these details with the organization.

Positions for the 2023 Arts Internship Program will be posted on our website starting April 3, 2023.

In 2017, the Board of Supervisors expanded the number of positions funded through the program as part of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative (CEII) in recognition of the unique role of workforce development opportunities like the Arts Internship Program in addressing continued disparities of equity and access to arts careers. The Board stipulated that the additional positions be reserved for community college students, emphasizing inclusivity of those from communities that experience barriers to arts access.

2019 Community College Arts Internships

2022 Positions for Community College Students

For the 2022 Arts Internship Program, a number of organizations identified that they wanted to host students from the community colleges.

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Arts Internship Program Reports

2020 Arts Internship Program Report & Highlights

A summary of the 2020 program and highlights of experiences from interns and supervisors.

2021 Arts Internship Program Report & Highlights

The 2021 Arts Internship Program Final Report provides a summary and evaluation of the 2021 program from the perspective of both interns and supervisors.